Articles tagged with: Game Dev

An Entity Component System in Javascript

Summary: An implementation of an Entity Component System (ECS) architecture pattern in JavaScript, with code and demo both provided.

Zombie Infection Simulator mini-game

Summary: The development of a Zombie Infection Simulator mini-game, porting a Java + Processing framework game to Javascript + HTML 5. The game can be played online and the source code is available on Github.

Tinkering with Quake

Summary: Experiments with the Quake video game, including creating a random map launcher and exploring a Javascript and WebGL port of the game's server and client code.

Book Review: Game Engine Black Book: DOOM

Summary: A review of the book 'Game Engine Black Book: DOOM', by Fabien Sanglard.

Mutan Zone sprite exporter WIP

Summary: Attempts to reverse engineer and extract graphics (sprites) from the an old MS-DOS game.