Windows Live Agents: Default topics & capabilities

Today I've had to build a list for a customer of what topics a default agent supports (and should be revised by the customer to adapt their agent to their wishes).

The list is based on the english template (with chitchat & userinfo modules activated). Other languages contain almost the same categories, but sometimes with different names.

Note: By category we understand a group of topics related to the same area (for example: "love" would be a category).

Here is the list of conversation categories/areas included:

  • Affection: Love & Hate topics, like "I like you" or "Do you hate me?".
  • Agent: Agent related speech, like asking who built him, if he has gender or it is a robot, or where the agent is from.
  • Apology: Quite self-explaining, both good and bad user apologies and answers for them.
  • Declaratives: Generic "catch" for declarative patterns, like "I live in xxxx", "I need xxxx" and such.
  • Interrogatives: Same as previous one, but for interrogative patterns, like "Am I xxxx?" or "Can I xxxx?".
  • Comedy: Jokes and humour-related questions and answers.
  • Common Sense: This library is like a "smart" pack. It is used to try to make the agent feel more human and know answers to trick-questions like "what color is the sky?" or "What letter comes before...?".
  • Cultural References: English and geek cultural references, like "All your base are belong to us"
  • Deep Thoughts: Talking about death, religion or the meaning of life.
  • Drugs: Self-explanatory.
  • Emoticons: Responses for user-sent emoticons.
  • Feedback: User providing the agent with feedback about his performance. For example, "You are not helpful".
  • Manners: Polite answers, like when received "thanks".
  • Miscellaneous: An enormous mixed-bag of uncategorized topics...
  • MSN Specific Chat: Q&A about Messenger, the Activity window and other Messenger client features.
  • Salutations: Self-explanatory.
  • UserMood: Answers for good and bad user moods, like "I'm sick".
  • Violence: Violence-related questions, like "I want to hurt people".
  • Vulgarity: Self-explanatory, detecting different levels of insults.

Another features the agent has by default are:

  • Detecting when user is speaking of non-important subjects (to remind them to focus on the agent's purpose).
  • Understanding and storing the user's name, birthday and gender.
  • Generic help commands
  • Generic "I don't understand" catch-all responses
  • Changing the language's locale to another (for example UK or US english)

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