Upgrading my home machine network

It's time to spend some money and upgrade my home machines!

As I love playing games and watching movies, I've bought a new gaming PC (a real monster). Also, I'm getting a new laptop for development (including JADE and XNA development) and a new mobile phone (because I'm tired of having to manually "sync" my agenda and contacts between PC and Nokia).

-The gaming machine is an Alienware PC, along with a Dell 30" monitor.) It will be plugged to my current 7:1 sound system.
-The new laptop is an ASUS G1S Santa Rosa, the new revision, perfect for development and (I hope) for Windows Vista. I'll use my current desktop PC monitor (a 17") as a secondary monitor.
-The new phone is an HTC Touch, with Windows Mobile 6 and iPhone-like touch screen and features.
-Hades, the repository and DB server, will be kept. It's an XPC, one of those small boxes, without keyboard/mouse nor monitor, controlled via VNC.
-And Penguin, my old laptop, will stay too as actually, with Ubuntu 7, for Linux learning and experiments. I just hope to be able to recompile NVidia graphic drivers to enable 3D and Beryl, but for the rest runs smoothly and without problems.

Here's my planned machine & network schema:

New home network
Click on the image to enlarge

I expect to have everything before September.

Note: Nokia PC Suite & bluetooth sucks. It may be because of Vista or just because crappy sync, but it's a hell. From time to time the pairing goes wild and I have to re-configure it.

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