Tides of change

Goodbyes are never easy. Times change, companies change, people changes, and our goals change too.

After 4 years at ilitia, coinciding with the new company logo and office, I'm moving to a new job.

This past weekend I went to Barcelona to Jack Johnson's tour. His pianist, Zach, amazed me. He spent all the show not only playing quite good the piano, but too an accordion, a melodica, and even signing a bit. But most of all, he was all the time dancing or rolling on his chair, when not getting up and animating the crowd to clap and dance. He really looked as being fully happy doing his work.

Right now I'm tired of doing consulting services (my last 2 jobs, 5 years in total). During the last months I've started to enjoy less my daily work, up until now that I decided to cease this and change.

I want to focus on software development, so I'm moving to a analyst-programmer position at the R+D department of a big company (if you're curious, check my portfolio in few weeks to see where I'm moving to.

As I'll be focusing a lot on .NET development, but Windows Live Services (and Windows Live Agents) posts will decrease in frequency. I'll try not to forget about them. In fact, I've got a personal WLA project on hold since some months and I'll probably unfreeze it now.

It's been a long time and I've grown up a lot at the company, but it was time for a change...

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