Software Developer Position for TheMotion

We are searching to fill a software developer position for my team at TheMotion.
Currently we have no open seats for tech recruitment, but I'll leave the description as it was a nice showcase of what we valued.

You can be senior or junior. Although the more experience the better, I don't care as long as you have some development knowledge, will to learn and an open mind (our system evolves fast). If you're senior you'll have more freedom, if you're more junior we'll guide you.

You should be a good team player (we don't want heroes, rockstars or similar buzzwords), and while we currently use Python 3, Docker and a bunch of AWS services, everything might change so there's no need to previously know about the specific languages and tools. In fact, at least half of tech employees joined the company not knowing Python.

You must like to do javascript, as our team currently is the "keeper" of most web services: public API, Web application, mailing, video distribution channels... We also setup the infrastructure for other web projects and APIs and help building and maintaining core platform services. We just do more javascript than the other teams, but not all the time, for example this past months we've done way more backend Python than JS. For the record, we currently use Ember.js 2.x and ES6.

You need to have a minimum level of english to understand and carry a basic conversation, but our British english teacher will help you improve no matter your level. This is why the job offer is not in Spanish ;)

We all do full development cycles from coding and testing to releasing and monitoring, QA and even setup the microservices configuration, so you must not be scared about configuring Dockerfiles or Travis ymls. Forget about "coding your stuff and somebody else will release it". We each push code multiple times per day and aim to have soon continuous delivery and blue/green deploys, but you will see we also already have a nice infrastructure with tools to ease your day to day.

You will be mentored for the first month(s), depending on the needs. One of the core goals is to share and spread the knowledge among all tech, so we not only encourage to do pairing (and TDD if you fancy it), but we're also starting to do inter-team pairing to get fresher points of view and advices, and of course to avoid knowledge silos.

Eventually most engineers will do on-call, but don't worry as we will train you when the time is right and help you so everything will be as smooth and easy as possible. It is a rotating shift (one week long), so the more people the less frequently it will be, and of course paid separately from your base salary.

We are a remote-friendly company (sadly not remote-first yet), so we encourage you to work remotely once per week if you want. You choose the day, but we try to spread so always there's somebody not in the office and we force to do online meetings, keep team diaries and communicate as much as possible. The position is initially for Madrid office, but could be negotiated.

As for the extras, we have fresh food & coffee, english lessons on tuesdays as mentioned earlier, and whenever our beloved teacher is available, also a weekly office yoga class on thursdays. We're trying to have either weekly or by-weekly internal workshops, although depends on availability of the designated speaker. There is also a monthly budget for books, conferences and/or internal training.

We're few engineers but growing at a slow but steady pace, at a young company but already with paying clients, and in general we're on that startup phase where not all is yet defined so anybody can help shape things. We will probably trash or evolve some pieces, iterate dozens of times on others, but we also have a core stable and robust rendering pipeline with scalability challenges.

If some or all of this looks interesting to you, drop me an email (kartones at themotion dot com), a Linkedin message or a Twitter PM (I've got them open so no need of following) and let's talk.

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