Review: PasswordsPro

Time for another review, PasswordsPro. PasswordsPro is a "passwords safe" tool, similar to another application I use, Flexwallet/eWallet. It allows storing sensitive passwords (like website or email account ones) in an encrypted file.


The interface is very simple: We choose a passwords file, enter it's master password, and then manage the list of passwords and secure notes (more on this later). There is no categorization so with a huge list of passwords it might get a bit messy, but nothing we can't control by adding more info to the names.


The info for each password is the typical as we can see in the screenshot just above. There's no type/scope options, but we can store notes for each individual password (and so, use this as a manual "custom fields" section).

Apart from passwords, we can store "secure notes" too.


As the name hints, they are just a list of text notes. Simple, but not available on other password safe programs, and interesting to not only store passwords but sensitive info.


Apart from this features, PasswordsPro supports inactivity protection, another usual feature that allows to auto-close the application after not being used for a given time (so you don't have to worry leaving opened your safe lists).

And the last nice feature, the application supports being used as a portable app from a usb disk, just copying the .exe, a .dll and your license file.

My only real complaint about this application is that I haven't found any details of what encryption algorithms are used, just "PasswordsPro uses encryption algorithms that are standard in the industry having a strong level of security".

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