Proposals for 2015

  • Code more: Except small experiments and unplanned blogs migration (and cascaded custom extension needs I had to build), I've been mainly focused on work-related coding. Not a bad thing itself, but I want to do something not web related in my spare time.
  • Learn more: But not only about development. Studies help adding some variety but I want broader areas.
  • Read more: I inherited from my father hundreds of sci-fi books, plus my personal collection and my beloved Kindle. I love watching films and playing videogames but I miss more reading.
  • Talk more: But applying the nice sentence "improve silence".
  • Help more: New rule I imposed this 2014: each salary rise or additional income, additional help I provide. If I can't spend time or effort I'll at least spend money. The world is already too fucked up to look away.
  • Socialize more: In the "old, traditional way": in person, talking and, if possible, having a beer. 2014 was also the year of deleting social networks (all but Twitter and Instagram *).
  • Live more by my ideals: It's impossible to avoid all unethical and disrespectful companies but if I can get rid of as many of them as possible I'll sleep better.

* : Not exactly true as I deleted my G+ account to then find that some Google services require it, so I had to create it again... but is empty and unused.

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