Pet project: Shopping Lists published

As I'm moving towards fully removing all .NET projects I had, I've spend some time migrating some C#/ASP.NET code over to Python + Flask. One of the projects that could be of some interest, if only as a sample of a simple Flask app and Python file I/O, is my Shopping Lists pet project.

It's a quick & dirty web solution but we use it at home almost daily so it serves its purpose. As at least my colleage @Saski asked me if I was going to publish the source code, now that it's migrated to Python, you can find it at my Github, alongside some simple instructions of how to setup and use it.


It was one of my new approaches to development, keeping things minimalistic and simple: the "database" are plain text files, it has minimal functionality but it works in mobile (as will be where it will be used most frequently), and while is not a code I would showcase, publishing it can help me in the future to remember some basic Flask routing and redirects syntax, reading and writing files, etcetera.

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