Meeting and chat with Angus Logan

Today, and thanks to David Salgado, I had the opportunity to chat with Angus Logan (Product Manager of Windows Live Platform) at Microsoft Ibérica.

We talked about Windows Live services and a bit of Silverlight and Angus showed some really really cool web applications, mashups and other stuff that impressed me a lot.

Seems that Microsoft is taking seriously the battle with Google, I just hope all of this to become public ASAP.

One of the features I was waiting for and finally could see was Windows Live Messenger directly via web, signing on and using it directly from a webpage! You can read more about it and see some screenshots and

He showed us his profile on SportsDo (updated in real time), some Silverlight streaming websites, Virtual Earth mashups, Windows Live ID... We talked about Windows Live Agents too (and he told me some really interesting info }:)

I can't blog about some of the features I've seen, but some of them are going to be very cool.

He gave me a bunch of videos and slides from his Mix UK event so I've got something to read this weekend :P

A really nice experience, hope to have more like this soon :)

Update: Added links to more info about Messenger IM Control. Thanks Angus!

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