English Course Reviews - February 2020

In order to stop spamming with so many English course reviews (2 weekly hours ain't bad), I've decided to aggregate as a single monthly post all of my reviews of finished courses.

50 English Phrases, Idioms, and Expressions for ESL Students (Udemy course): Free course, around 1h long. Very nicely split in either a single or a pair of sentences per lesson, so you can ingest it either in short bursts or in a single session. Well organized and recorded, and I gladly found a few new idioms I didn't knew, so considering the cost, more than recommended.

English for IT Professionals (Udemy course): Quality and audio volume varies with each lesson, nothing terrible but it is annoying to have to be turning up and down the volume between different videos, or seeing Mac brightness controls pop-up, etc.

It has a good list of terms, vocabulary and even a few IT slang sentences (e.g. "blamestorming" or "hamster wheel"), plus the grammar part is always exemplified with IT-related topics and sentences. It is interesting but it felt to me lacking more content.

Business English: Easy English for Meetings (Udemy course): This course has abundant speaking mistakes, of which I'm normally not against, but here you will notice them quite often. Also, when you provide a "sample text" and say "I'm going to read it", you expect to exactly read it, not summarize it. And finally, slides go way too fast, when the teacher wants you to read them just mentions it and moves to the next slide, so it's hard to even pause before it goes away.

Despite those complaints about things that could be improved, it is an interesting and topic-focused albeit short course.

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