Course Review: React for Beginners (Wes Bos)

I'm now going to work in a project which involves lots of frontend work and, as we use React, Redux and ES6, I need to hone my Javascript kung-fu, which has not been used extensively since 2013 (meaning "used on a daily basis for prolonged periods of time"). I got really good feedback about this course and decided to give it a try.


React for Beginners is an online 5 hours video course by the great and funny Wes Bos. By building an online single-page application to manage fish inventory and create orders, we get taught the basics of React: Components, JSX, state management, props, modules... plus other interesting topics like how to deploy a React app, some ES6 features, using the Redux Chrome developer tools extension, how to work with Firebase (the backend used to persist data)...

I not only think it is a great course (it even felt short and I watched the 29 videos version!), but the way it is explained (clearly, with clean and understandable code, and full of tiny tips here and there) and even the funny author comments when he makes a small mistake or the small error debugging sessions make it a great resource to start working with this technology.

Definetly recommended.

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