Course Review: Master English (Udemy)

Another course from Udemy, another review. Master English: Improve Your Speaking, Listening, & Writing provides around 5 hours of content to improve your intermediate level. My small caveats or things to improve after going through it are:

  • Some mistakes not edited/corrected. I understand that it takes time, but leaving them looks unprofessional. Once or twice is fine to correct on the fly a mistake and keep on, but happens enough to be noticeable
  • There is background noise at some videos, and a few ones sound metallic as if recorded with lower-quality microphone. Again lowers the perceived quality
  • Quality of the slides is varied, in general they are good but some images are terribly low quality, a few images have black text over them (making hard to read anything), and sometimes the speaker does the mouse cursor dance thingy (appearing or directly "pointing out" text), which at least to me is quite annoying
  • Topics are very varied, as in "a few ones might not interest you at all"

As you can see, nothing major and content is good enough to be worth the cheap price.

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