Course Review: Go Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)


I am doing some work in Go (because of Gazelle), so, after a few small tutorials and constantly searching for "how to do xxxx in golang", I wanted to learn the bare basics to be able to write decent enough code. A teammate recently recommended the Go Essential Training LinkedIn Learning course, so I decided to take it.

A bit below 2 hours of video, it packs a lot of content! From the language basics, functions, object orientation and error handling, to concurrency, networking and how to organize your projects. It is not a course for someone starting to code, because jumps right into how to do things in Go, but other than that everything is explained correctly, the examples are good, and the author proposes exercises for you to code and then shows one possible solution.

I'm used to courses being too entry level and not getting into somehow-related real-world examples, and here you begin with a fizz-buzz, but by the time you reach the network chapter, you do will be doing simple queries to GitHub's API and building a minimal key-value database.

Highly recommended.

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