Course Review: Communication Fundamentals (Udemy)

For a change, I recently did a different Udemy course, Communication Fundamentals: How To Communicate Better.

Learning to more effectively communicate with others, specially in work environments. We get explanations and tips to detect and handle different personalities, styles of communication, being empathic, "the power of silence", among other topics. It includes a role-playing scenario acting, and some exercises to do by yourself.

My only complain is that the speaker goes quite fast across the content, even at 1x speed sometimes you have to pause to digest a slide or what was just said. On the other hand is a good way to practice english, as it is very well spoken.

The duration is 1.5 hours so, as a colleage named it, a "knowledge pill" you can quickly take and learn the basics about something without needing to spend too much time.

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