Course Review: Adam Grant on Developing Original Ideas (Udemy)

I did this Udemy course as a suggestion from a work mailing list, as I didn't knew who was Adam Grant before, nor I had any urgency on trying to have better ideas... but was a short one so... why not?

This time I'll leave the contents description to the course webpage, instead just leaving the notes I took while watching it. It was interesting because it breaks some very common legends and misconceptions regarding entrepreneurs, CEOs and the like.

  • originality = creativity + change
  • originality it is not something you're born with
  • question the default
  • volume and variety of ideas, not only eureka moments
  • break your frame and try to learn other domains
  • working in different things
  • idea selection is hard
  • can't judge your own ideas (too positive, biased). managers neither (too negative, rely too much on intuition). peers are the best judges. seek feedback from peers often.
  • past success doesn't guarantees future success
  • openly explain downsides of your ideas
  • frame ideas to known/familiar concepts
  • fit the job to the person

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