Course Review: 300+ Phrasal Verbs (Udemy)

300+ Phrasal Verbs - Spoken English Vocabulary 4 Conversation is yet another 3 hours Udemy course I just finished. As the name is quite informative (although a bit long, maybe for SEO reasons), no need to explain much about the intention, but we can talk about the form and the content. I don't aspire to see high-quality production values (some other courses do great with a normal HD camera + a virtual screen or a simple slidedeck), but this course gets sometimes way too informal. From uncorrected mistakes (left as jokes) or sentence "slides" being removed so quickly they are impossible to read, to 1/4 of the content being "live" videos of mediocre quality (lower quality audio, laptop fan noise noticeable, hardcoded subtitles...), it looks unprofessional. Also a few sentences are too niche, two or three are not even really phrasal verbs (said by the author himself), and there are some repetitions between the normal contents and the "live" last quarter.

It is still interesting to practice phrasal verbs as there are many, but I'd rather have a more serious "teacher" that cares a little about the production values.

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