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I do have some regarding organization, though. It was the first year in Spain, but celebrating it at a university was in general a failure:

  • Narrow, SPOF corridor from and to the talks zone was a terrible bottleneck, with hundreds of people trying to flow in both directions.
  • Sound quality was between terrible (no mic for most speakers) to regular (buzzing and low volume mic, and only one or two normal working mics). Many talks were really hard to hear (like mine, so sorry for not shouting more)
  • Room handling was a bit chaotic; My talk started 10 minutes late due to the closed door and everybody waiting (me inside to somebody let them in, they the same outside), I didn't had a bottle of water so had to give the whole talk with the mouth terribly dry, some talks were forced to last exactly 45 minutes while others almost overlapped with the next one...
  • Sponsors had not much support, except of a cardboard box for CVs. Usually they get water or coffee brought to them (so they don't have to leave the stand), here I had to act as waiter for Tuenti ones ;)
  • Not all talks were recorded, and I think not all streamed (at least on one I didn't see the camera guy).
  • Way too many people. I don't know the exact number of attendants (some people talk 1200, others 1000), but most talks had people without seats, cateferia was overrun at coffee breaks... I think they were too greedy regarding number of people.

I've been to a few events and most of this points are always covered by default (excepting talk length, which is either all monitored or none). A bigger place (cultural place, dedicated events building or even a huge tent) fixes most problems, so I hope that for future editions this gets fixed.

I have updated the contents of my talk at so if you missed it and are interested surf to the link to read it.

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