Carpe Diem

My father died age 49 of cancer (almost 10 years ago). He worked a lot, partied a lot (newspaper editor, specialized in films and culture, meant frequent night events and the corresponding drinks), travelled a lot, and sometimes also spent a lot on unneeded extras. He was always saying that "money is to be spent". He came from a poor childhood (3 generations of the family living on an attic), with time I've perfectly understood why he valued money just as a means of inmediate happiness.

My mother, nearing 65 now, is going to finally retire in less than a month. Her wishes were to move out of the city, enjoying her dog and maybe going back to the university to study another degree (she has two already). Around one year and a half ago, the dog passed away. And since last year, she hasn't been able to work because she's suffering severe bone and muscle pains at the legs, shoulders, arms... limiting her mobility and making her morning wakes slow and painful despite the medicines. She needs frequent visits to the doctors for the time being, so not only studying is not an option but also leaving Madrid for now is out of question. She's one of the kindest persons I've ever seen, she's worked dead hard, and life is paying her back so unfairly and precisely now that she was going to enjoy a well earned retirement.

Life is sometimes a bitch no matter you're good or bad, and you can never know if you'll be able to fullfil all those dreams you have. It's better to not waste time doing the things you don't like or working a way you don't feel suits you. Friends & family are one of the most valuable treasures we have, not stock options or working at a nice well-known company. I love development and work constantly to improve at it, but I work to live, not live to work.

Don't be a fool and choose wisely what you do with your time, because each second that passes is never going to come back, and you never know when the clock will stop ticking. So carpe diem, seize the day[1].

(Having some rough days because of family issues so thought writing could be of help and also for my future self to remember)

[1] I was actually going to say Carpe diem and fuck bullshit, but some level of BS is unavoidable and tolerable (and easiest way to cope with it is ignoring).

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