Book Review: The Art of LEGO Design

The Art of LEGO Design

Title: The Art of LEGO Design
Author: Jordan Schwartz
Editorial: O'Reilly

Books with step-by-step instructions and easy tutorials there are many. This title goes the opposite, providing us with general techniques, hints and ideas, but showcasing the works of many authors along its 13 chapters.

From the basic foundations of how to create smooth surfaces,& how to build angles, or keeping always a scale in mind, to advanced and great looking mosaics, scenarios or even monsters and spaceships, this book is not only an eye-opener of how pros create such& amazing LEGO structures, but also a nice source of inspiration with the abundant photos.

One might actually desire more details of some specific models; For many the& closeup images hint how it might have been built, but for the most complex ones you can only imagine how hard has been to construct. But as there are many small interviews with expert designers (apart from the author itself), you at least get some tips from them on how they approach new projects.

I really liked the theme-based chapter structure, allows for quick reference checks, it includes some (but few) detailed instructions for joints and techniques like studded spheres and for amateurs like me it really provides a great boost to imagination on how to try more advanced designs.

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