Book Review: Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to

Now that I start to have some spare time, another book review. I've just finished reading and put my thoughts about it. I like this "Instant" small book type of Packt, at least this one was pretty good for just 70 pages!

Note: Free evaluation copy provided by the publisher.


Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to

Title: Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to
Author: Michael Lively

Good tips, advices and best practices, installation, usage, command line parameters, test suites and their XMLs, object mocking, expectations, annotations, overrides, DB data mocking, code coverage... not only provides examples but also they are quite useful for people learning unit testing in PHP, even covering recent language features like traits or reflection.

While obviously can't goo really deep in each of the areas it touches, it shows well enough and often provides links to the official PHPUnit documentation to expand.

I prefer this kind of "small books" instead of bigger ones who usually have full redundant chapters whose purpose is usually just fill pages. I hope more books are written with this schema and this amount of practical info.

Concise but full of content. Definetly recommended if you want to do PHP unit tests, or even as a quick reference guide.

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