Book Review: Drive: The Surprising truth about what motivates us

New book review, this time about an interesting motivational theory. But instead of repeating what I've already written in the review, I'll leave you with the video that summarizes the book. If you find it interesting go grab the book :)


Drive: The Surprising truth about what motivates us

Title: Drive: The Surprising truth about what motivates us
Author: Daniel H. Pink

This is a book about motivation for ourselves, for our company and even for children. About how to change our point of view of our daily work, or how to change the way we handle a company to have motivated employees and achieve greater performance.

From going away from the typical carrot-stick and reward-punishment points of view (except for mechanical tasks) to a "surprising” finding: People can enjoy and feel motivated just doing what they do. because of the satisfaction of doing it. Just with some factors properly set.

Factors as having a good enough salary (so that money is not a concern), building something they have participated in the design, not feeling as being just one more piece in a chess board but an actual living and important piece in the company, having autonomy to do the assigned tasks, stop working based on bonuses or just short-term goals but a broader scope…

It talks about concepts as mastery, recognition, well-being (being able to both work and have a personal life), having a purpose.. which can be thought about for our normal life too, not only for work.

There are many many researches and examples, both good and bad, on how changing affects performance and motivation of the employees (or kids when talking about schools and education). Sometimes too many, but you can just skip them if you get bored.

The book felt a bit longer than it should because of those so abundant examples, but the last part contains per-chapter summaries and lists of steps which come very handy for a quick reference.

A must-read book, another one that all team leaders, project and product managers and all high-position stakeholders should mandatory read. I personally have seen so many bad examples but I have the luck (as of 2011) to work at a company that tries to put in practice many of this "third drive” motivational techniques, and they indeed work.

Note: There is a great 10 minutes Youtube video explaining very clearly what this " third drive" is about.

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