Book Review: Can holding a fart kill you?

Different book today, read recently this christmas.


Can holding a fart kill you?

Title: Can holding a fart kill you?

Author: Andrew Thompson

I've always loved science and learning where do things come from, how the work, etcetera. So I wanted to see if a "facts book" is interesting enough or not. The answer is that, while a quick read (few hours at most), it contains actually interesting questions (and answers) and not everything is as dull as the title suggests.

Some of the questions are myths, others mere history (of sentences, of events like Halloween...), other science or medicine. You can probably live without knowing them, but it wakes up your curiosity to learn more in general about life. Careful as not all the facts are for children, there are questions about drugs, guns and other violent topics.

Most descriptions are 3 small paragraphs long, and being varied topics you will surely skip some questions. I'd also would have prefered all more positive topics instead of the violence-related ones but... even so I think it adds value to general knowledge.

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