Back from the MindCamp 2.0

One of the reasons why I'm so tired this week is that the last weekend we had the MindCamp 2.0, an informal CodeCamp managed by students and .NET clubs around Spain.

I was quite informal, full of alcohol, laptops and food, and with addons like Guitar Hero tournaments, wifi cracking courses or the unique oportunity of hearing "the eye of the tiger" around 10 times per day :)

Apart from the jokes, the sessions were great (ASP.NET MVC, Task Parallel Library, security, XNA, Silverlight, the Wiimote...) and I had a great time with everyone.

You can check if you want the small (but dense!) talk I gave about high scalability (sadly, only in spanish, although if a few people request it in english I could translate it) from the Slides section.

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