A new chapter awaits

Today was my last day at Worklytics. I'm really really grateful for the past 15 months. I could not only learn to write proper Java and get to know Google BigQuery, but also, after all the pandemic-originated not always good events, being able to have big blocks of deep focused work due to the remote nature of the job was very reinvigorating. I've also had quite some fun working with around a dozen different APIs while building new data connectors and improving existing ones.

There wasn't time to see my final creature/project, platform-wide pseudonymization, fully deployed in production, but most if not all of the remaining big parts are already at pull requests waiting to be merged, so at least I'm happy to leave with a feeling of having done my homework. Although we faced additional challenges due to asynchronous and potentially concurrent data ingestion jobs, our approach is similar to how Shopify recently did their PII tokenization project.

Now comes a very interesting new chapter... but first there's going to be a small break. We need to pack our things and clear some pending tasks, as in the following weeks we're moving outside of Spain. The destination and next gig will be known in time, but both place & company are amazing and I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming future.

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