A documentary about privacy that you should watch

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They say "privacy is dead", and if not fully, it is indeed dying. With this boom of search engines, social networks, services and in general digital services, it has become so easy to track us.

Terms and Conditions may apply discovers some nasty facts about this and other related topics.

I don't usually post about movies/documentaries here, but I am becoming increasingly concerned about privacy and I think everyone should watch this doc.

How Facebook, Google and others fight against privacy aware laws, how american and english governments spy social sites and even dispatch SWAT teams to people houses for a comment/tweet or preemptively dismantles small protests... Really disturbing, and even if you don't live in those countrys this affects you as long as you use any service, and probably your government is taking similar steps.

As technology advances our rights and privacy seem to shrink, and in many ways, George Orwell was a visionary.

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