Book Review: One Click: Jeff Bezos and the rise of

Taking advantage of my week of vacations, I've read some books and will publish the reviews this weeks. First of them is One Click, the story of


One Click book cover

Title: One Click: Jeff Bezos and the rise of

Author: Richard L. Brandt

I've always liked Amazon and have been using it since the .com version started shipping internationally. When I found a recommendation of this book I couldn't resist to grab the kindle edition.

One Click narrates at first how Jeff Bezos started his career and how he ultimately came with the idea of a digital bookstore, to then shift to the company as the main character. Because in the end all this is about, and while Bezos had many clever ideas, good plan executions and even knew how to pivot to make the company profitable after the Y2K dot-com bubble crash, we will read lots of examples of small changes and improvements here and there regarding what made this website so special and better than the competition.

From the early "better checkout" to the famous 1-click or the recent Amazon Web Services or Kindle, the book is quite sincere on both& right and wrong decisions taken, and it includes some not so cool facts about Jeff (like not being polite with people or not rewarding employees overtime)& and the company itself& (e.g. Amazon has become quite ruthless with distributors and publishers).

A really interesting read.

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