12 years working

I entered my LinkedIn to do some cleanup of contacts and I noticed that I've passed the 12 years working mark, so why not a small recap to see how bad life has treated me regarding programming languages?

I've worked at 8 companies since 2001: Alhambra-Eidos, Surfernet, Grupo Raxon, ilitia, Navteq, Tuenti, Minijuegos and CartoDB (current one).

Of those, I did consulting services at two of them, the rest being product development. A bit below 5 years of doing quite varied and interesting consulting projects, but also sometimes feeling Dilbert's strips are so accurate.

Lowest record is 4 months ar Alhambra-Eidos, because was during the summer and they couldn't offer me a part-time job.

Highest record would be Tuenti or ilitia with 4 years, but really the closest one was ilitia, as I left the company just 3 days before the 4th anniversary.

I've coded in [1] Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .NET, ASP 3.0, ASP.NET, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, OO PHP 5.3 [2], Ruby.
I'm still in love with C#, Windows might not be the best platform but the language itself is so good that even Java copies its features now.

I've used more or less extensively the following DBs: SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
None of them is perfect, all have caveats.

I've used quite a few SCM: Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, Git.
All of them screw up merges sometimes, but I like Git now that I know a bit and can compare it to Hg.

I've given 18 talks a total of 23 times.
And I still get quite nervous every time I have to do one.

Let's hope 12 years in the future we're not all coding in Javascript. Or maybe we'll be?

[1] : Only counting professional work of at least a few weeks

[2] : One thing is coding in PHP and other is writing proper, object oriented, namespaced code

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