Summer time

Summer is here, and after working like crazy since april to the end of june, doing to university course exams (passing both, yay!) and going to Barcelona to give a talk about MiniPlay APIs (if you make browser games, read about it and contact us!), I took two weeks of vacations for a much needed battery charge.

Now that I'm back I'll slowly ramp up my development related tasks, but my body and mind were so tired I want to have, for once in many years, a calm and relaxed summer. I already code 7 hours each day at work, so all home tasks will be done at a lower pace.

I've already had to mess up with Twitter 1.1 API, small-maintenance tasks on and other pending internal tasks, but nothing even worth of a blog post. Also, at work tasks are currently v1.1 features not so incredible, so I won't probably post much about coding in a while except if I allocate time for some pet projects.

I'm probably going to focus a lot on reading as I have piles of books (and ebooks) waiting, so probably I'll do more reviews.

But what I most will focus over this summer will be in living my life. I've had another 3 months of crunch time when one of my 2013 goals was to "live better and happier". That must be fixed/compensated.

"Work to live, not live to work". A happy brain works better than a tired or stressed one.

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