MindCamp 3.0 and Lightweight Wordpress Cache component

MindCamp 3.0

This past weekend took place a very special event: the MindCamp 3.0.

A weekend among students of .NET clubs of around Spain, plus some other geeks from a few companies, sharing knowledge, experiences, and above all having fun together and coding. It was really funny and as in every edition very interesting and with really cool talks; people might not have 10 years of experience, but as there is no level cap we had talks like for example how to do parallel computing with multiple XBox 360s or Behavior Trees in game development.

This time, and to change a bit the topic from .NET (all speeches except mine were about Microsoft related products and frameworks ;) I built a small PHP Wordpress 3.X cache component.

It is a primitive version but works ok, the only problem is that due to the crappy design of Wordpress and its echo-based content output, you need to modify the themes to output data instead of echoing. To plug it "under" it I would have had to touch WP's core and my goal was to keep away from that.

I might update the component further in the future, but as right now it works for a test/sandbox WP blog I have the idea is to leave it as it is. You can do whatever you want with it, but if you give me some feedback it'll be great :)

You can download the source code from here.

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