Firefox Addons

My favourite Firefox addons

  • CacheViewer: Fast and easy way of taking a look at your browser cache
  • WhiteList Javascript: Toggle javascript on/off for certain sites. I recommend changing configuration to be blacklist-based instead of default's whitelist-based.
  • uBlock: Best Ad-Blocker extension. Also available for Firefox Mobile
  • uMatrix: Proxy blocker to disable calls by subdomain and/or protocol


Personal individual tweaks

  • Disable media autoplay: type about:config and then check media.autoplay.enabled and media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground settings.
  • Short-term 3rd party cookies: Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> History -> custom settings -> and modify third-party cookies section
  • Tracking Protection: Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Tracking Protection -> change to Always


  • Firefox bullshit removal: Despite the unfortunate name, some good advices, but careful with others like disabling JS clipboard access. My recommendation is to read each change and decide if suits you.


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