Chrome Addons

My favourite Google Chrome extensions.

  • AWS Role Editor: Handy cookie editor to have multiple accounts/roles switching at AWS console.
  • Chrome HAR Viewer: Easily view dumps of timelines.
  • Google Dictionary: Really useful to properly learn a new language as you browse internet.
  • JSONView: JSON formatter, pretty handy if you frequently do Javascript.
  • Momentum: Beautiful replacement for Chrome's default new tab. Just try it.
  • Postman: REST Client.
  • Trello-specific:
  • Quick Javascript Switcher: Quick shorcut to test surfing webpages without javascript. Stores per-site settings.
  • User Agent Switcher: Classical UA switcher, with permanent spoofing list.
  • µBlock: Faster and non-profit alternative to AdBlock.
  • µMatrix: Block requests and hostnames, kind of a proxy.
  • "chrome://chrome-urls/": List of internal Chrome "pages" with all sorts of info/data and tools like a DNS cache purgue.
  • "chrome://flags/"


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