XNA Creators Club Online

The online community site for XNA Creators Club is finally online! Apart from the content that will be available for the premium club members, the website contains this for everyone who registers:

  • Tutorials and video tutorials
  • Some samples, like skinning a model, fonts, sprite effects, and simple animations
  • Marblet, a new starter kit
  • Minjie, a mini-game made with XNA
  • and, of course, forums to ask and answer questions

Also, the XNA Team has posted some fresh news about what else the premium members will have:

  • A GarageGames Torque X Engine license
  • An upcoming version of SOFTIMAGE XSI 3D software targeted for supporting the XNA platform.
  • Allegorithmic ProFX, another upcoming software for managing 2D texture libraries.

Seems that getting the premium account starts to get worth the annual fee...

Posted by Kartones on 2007-03-05


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