XBox 360 and Firewall troubleshooting

Few weeks ago, a friend and I were preparing to kick some ass at Gears of War together, when we discovered we couldn't chat or play along... Something was clearly wrong. I've played through XBox Live but sometimes I couldn't connect or was thrown off by the host without reason.

I tried the console's network test and found I was having "strict NAT" (and he had "moderate NAT"), not "open NAT". After looking in internet, he found this KB about port settings and XBox Live.

Basically, you have to open this ports:

  • UDP 88
  • UDP 3074
  • TCP 3074

After doing it, we played without any problem. And now probably we'll connect to any game session without problems.

For those having problems with XBox360 and Windows Media Center, there are some ports that need to be open too in your firewall (whenever its Microsoft's or a third party one):

  • UDP 1900 (Svchost.exe, outgoing)
  • TCP 3390 (Svchost.exe, outgoing)
  • TCP 3932 (Mcrmgr.exe, outgoing)
  • TCP 5555 (Ehshell.exe, outgoing)
  • UDP 3776 (Mcrdsvc.exe, outgoing)
  • UDP 7777 (Ehshell.exe, outgoing)
  • Mcxnettw.exe outgoing (random port)
  • Ehexthost.exe outgoing (random port)

Source: KB911728 & KB896036

Posted by Kartones on 2007-02-28


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