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People (including myself) usually just post about things they read about with a small description and a hyperlink to the mentioned website. Taking advantage of the ease of communication that the www brings, I've started to make some use of it to post more "interesting" things.

The first of all, a website I found recently, Videogame Charts. As it name implies, it contains accurate sales about consoles and videogames, both worldwide and region-specific (USA, Japan and Europe), like this one:

Videogame Charts

I've contacted the administrator and asked him for a small interview, which he kindly answered and I reproduce here for you:

¿Why did you came with the idea of building a website about videoconsoles sales charts?
I have spent the last 6-7 years checking the latest charts each week (Japan especially) and looking out for the future hits and successes and decided to share the huge database of figures I had build up over that time with the rest of the world.
¿What are your information sources?
Our information sources are confidential I'm afraid.
(At the website there's some general info)
¿Have you had any problem for example with any videoconsole manufacturer blaming you to cheat at their results?
Manufacturers have been good to us so far with reps from all the major companies contacting us with a view to supplying them with our data and analysis in return for supplying us with some of their latest figures and estimates.
¿How many time have you been doing this?
Around 8 years now as a hobby, 2 as a website in various forms.
¿What things have you improved since you started?
We have added a number of new sources of data over the last couple of years, ensuring that our figures are the most accurate on the internet.

¿How many visits you have as an daily average?
Around 100,000 hits per day from 10,000 unique users.
I hope you like it. I'ts interesting that the 360 is clearly leading the next-gen wars, and that the Wii is growing amazingly fast, while the PS3 sells slowly, but hasn't yet launched on the European market. If you don't have yet a 360, go buy one and join the party!

Posted by Kartones on 2007-03-05


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