Tweaking Firefox

Today I'm a bit tired so the selected topic is "Tweaking", in this case the Firefox browser.

Firefox is my favourite browser, but sometimes it takes too much RAM (more than 150 MB), and as I'm a bit maniac about computer performance, few days ago I researched a bit about how to improve it's performance and reduce it's memory usage.

I found lots of small tips and tweaks, but not so much "complete tutorials", so this are the two best ones in my opinion:

  • Firefox Tweaks (element14): A fabulous guide to tweaking. Contains a collection of tips which reduced my memory consumption from around 150MB to 50MB, and improved the webpages loading times noticeably.
  • Firefox Tweak Guide: Another excellent guide. This one is bigger, because lots of configuration options are explained in detail. I used it after the first link, to further tune-up the browser, but it can be a bit "too much" if you just want some quick kung-fu tricks ;)

Posted by Kartones on 2007-09-12


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