Top 3 Video Game Characters

In response to Game Producer's 12th Challenge, here are my top 3 video game characters.

Note: I will only choose from playable/main characters (maybe you can do anocher one of top 3 video game foes/evil characters ;)

#1 - Guybrush Treepwood (Monkey Island series)
Combining his humour with the hilarious events that happens to him... The number one ;)

#2 - Snake (Metal Gear Solid series)
The perfect warrior. I won't do any spoilers, but I've liked so much MGS3 plot (I'm a fan since the PSX MGS).

#3 - Max Payne (Max Payne I & II)
Dark cop thrillers, good voice acting, comic-strip storytelling... Max Payne's charisma is just matched by the bullet-time :)

Posted by Kartones on 2007-05-04


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