Too much power, too much control

Recently, I had an unfortunate incident with my GMail account. It got blocked for around one hour "because of suspicious activity".

I was doing some User-Agent tests with Firefox and User Agent Switcher with GMail open in one tab so you can imagine my terrible crime... nothing at all :) I didn't even refreshed a lot the GMail tab.

The feeling of impotence, of not being able to do anything (I use Google for my calendar, documents, emails... even my photos) was very frightening.

Also, the page's help was very deceiving. It said to click on a link if I thought I was "innocent". I did so and it sent me to the help. Inside the Answers system I was able to fill a form, which apparently was sent and I was again in the help, looping between the form and the details.

So the only solution was to wait until they decided to release my account back again.

Moral of the story: Don't put too many power in just one place, if someone takes over control of it, you're screwed.

I will start migrating all important stuff to a account so in case of more "lockdowns" I can at least unplug the domain from Google Apps for Domain and plug it elsewere to keep it working and receiving emails.

Moral #2: As soon as there's money implied, everyone is evil. It's only a matter of who's more or less evil compared with the others.

Posted by Kartones on 2010-02-08


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