Talks given, old source codes, links... Getting up to date

I'm taking advantage of this week of vacations for getting some pending tasks done and organizing stuff.

Both to try it and to have a clean way of embedding slideshows here (clean == no Flash requirement) I have created a SpeakerDeck account and uploaded all my talks (even old old ones!) there:

I finally got the strenght to dig inside my backups of old source codes and select something not awful, so I have uploaded some personal source codes. Nothing impressive there (I have probably more interesting code in my posts) but at least is organized in one place.

Excepting some Lego Mindstorms stuff mostly is development, design and security.

And although it hasn't been updated in a while, I would like to remind that I also maintain a small free developer tools list, with sub-pages containing interesting plugins for Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Ok, enough spamming. Enjoy Christmas and code a lot!


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