Synchronizing Google Calendar with PocketOutlook

As I don't want to install MS Outlook just to sync with my PDA (I don't use it for my personal email accounts, and I use OWA to look the work account), I thought about developing a pocketPC application to sync PocketOutlook directly with Google Calendar (Gmail contacts are already done).

Yesterday I messed a bit with Google's GData and .NET client dlls, and although it can be done, it's some effort (specially having 8 calendars as I have), because the query system has to be translated to objects and properties plus mapping to PocketOutlook fields.

But searching the net a bit I found the solution: ActiveGcSync. A freeware tool that syncs the default calendar of an account directly with POutlook, installed on the PDA and without need of ActiveSync/WMDC or Outlook.

I've had to "move" all my events to the default calendar and get rid of the others, and the current version doesn't supports recurring events, but the author says he has almost ready another version which will support recurrency, so actually works and will soon be perfect.

If I had more free time maybe I would have tried doing myself a similar app, but right now that's utopic :)

Posted by Kartones on 2007-10-07


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