Summer == Less posts

Lately my posting frecuency has decreased, but it'll never stop ;) The reasons are multiple:

  • It's summer, and in Madrid it means hot, hot, hot (we're getting nearly 40 degrees celsius some days!). And what better to combat hot temperatures than a big, cold beer, so I'm getting out with friends a lot (almost daily)
  • At ilitia we're having a lot of projects (I'm doing something "new" right now, and we have some other ideas in "call for papers" phase), and as I help with the human resources department (by doing some technical interviews), some days I'm tired of the "developer world" and I prefer to disconnect a bit.
  • Videogames! It was almost a month since I last played anything else than World of Warcraft (and less than 30 minutes sessions with that), so now I'm playing some cool games like The Darkness, Overlord, Guitar Hero II and Dungeon Maker.
  • I'm reading something less technical, more security oriented (about Microsoft's SDL). But I have lots of e-clinics to finish, and the MCAD to MCDP upgrade exam waiting (apart from others more related to security without a specific schedule).
  • And of course, the need for vacations... Apart from visiting Germany for 8 days, I haven't had vacations since november. I'll take another 10 days in mid-august and I really need to spend one or two days doing nothing at home, just relaxing, sleeping and recharging batteries.

But do not fear, because I've got some ideas in mind, like doing more Community Server modules and components (some right now are User Controls but I want to redo them properly), playing a bit with Google Picasa Web API (to make a small tool) and maybe playing a bit with AJAX and JSON to learn them.

As I always say, I just need 36 hour days :)

Posted by Kartones on 2007-07-30


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