Spanish videogames market is strange...

There are things I can't understand of the spanish videogame market.

One of them is the "European fool conversion" which means that if a console costs xxx dolars, in Europe we will pay the same xxx but changing dolars to euros. Hopefuly this will change with the Wii and PS3, as they don't have regions so probably I'll try to import one (even with import taxes it's cheaper than buying it in Spain, for example).

But one I've recently suffered when trying to buy a game for my XBox 360 is really annoying. I wanted the game Burnout Revenge, but I couldn't find it in any store. The game was launched in march, even en Europe, and there are lots of reviews in spanish websites and magazines, so the game came here... But it's impossible to find.

So I've had to buy it from (thanks to PlanetPhillip for his post about where he was buying his 3D shooters). And now they've got a new customer (free delivery, few days until arrival of orders and sometimes they have cool offers), so less money spent in Spain, more spent somewhere else.

BTW, I'm a bit off in terms of coding... just working on one subject I'll post soon.

Posted by Kartones on 2006-10-09


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