Some PC use statistics

Few months ago, I found OdoPlus, a freeware tool to measure usability of your pc with parameteres like "hot zones" of the screen (where do you click most), number of clicks (including wheel clicks), meters and pixels "moved" with your mouse and time your PC has been booted up.

Well, since May 17th this are my statistics (yeah, freaking ones, 52 days online in almost 3 months is a lot of time but hey, I like what I do ;):

odoplus screenshot

So what we can extract from this? Mostly, that I'm a complete geek with the PC almost on always except when I'm sleeping (sometimes I go out and left it on by accident or because I forget to turn it off), that I use firefox (hot spots at the upper part are from the Bookmarks Toolbar), that Start menu is useful and that if someone wanted me to look at their Ads, they should put them near the upper-left cornert where I spend most time "clicking".

It's funny to see that I always use a wheeled mouse, since there are no clicks on the right part (I never use scrollbars by clicking them), or that I usually do actions with the systray icons (messenger states, lan connection status, outlook minimized icon, and such).

Quite fun, in some months I'll post again the results to watch if I've gotten (even) worse :D

Posted by Kartones on 2006-08-25


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