Recommended Articles - 2016/12/21

  • Tesla Self-Driving Demonstration: Despite the funny music, this video exemplifies why I'm happy to live in this era: Self-driving cars and how they "see" the world. Even if still has to improve, I'm amazed technology is at this stage.

  • Microsoft reboots war on sleep: Another misfortuned Microsoft campaign about Office 365, in which promotes working always, anywhere, even if they don't sleep. They should change that "creative" marketing department because it is getting quite some bad feedback...

  • Building and Motivating Engineering Teams: Based on three fundamental aspects:

    • Money
    • Purpose
    • Respect
  • Matrix Multiplication: Great website to learn or refresh matrix multiplications

  • Bruce Schneier: 'The internet era of fun and games is over': And sadly, is at least partially true, considering how inmature products that have software get to the market in general, I love technology but I'm quite reluctant to have any IoT device at home...

  • Neutralizing Intel’s Management Engine: One of those scary reads that make you not trust your computer... Didn't knew this event existed!

  • FunctionLength: Interesting opinion from the guru Fowler about writing short functions to increase legibility. Lately I'm adopting also this approach when I see either long or not easy to comprehend methods.

  • No, I have no side code projects to show you: Pretty similar to what happens to me, that my side-projects are quite small or dumb or useless, because I "work hard and go home" and when at home, not everything is coding. And it is good for mental health, I don't burnout, I do more tiny pet projects and experiments, I read more... So better focus on doing a good job and then do side-projects only if you really want to, not forcibly.

  • What Makes A Senior Software Developer?: I fully agree with it, mostly because I've been on both sides of the scale (gut feeling and checklist based promotions) and both have those flaws and biasings. I won't spoil the advice of how to notice if somebody is senior to encourage reading the article, but I think it is a very good "metric".

  • On Being A Senior Engineer: Closely related with previous link, similar approach, easily summarized as "expect a “senior” engineer to be a mature engineer". But good insights and things to look at in the article, like "The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming".

  • Geektyper: Funny but elaborated fake operating system UIs, like movie ones. You can type or open "apps" that do things on their own.

  • Work ethic has a lot more to do with showing up on time and being reliable than it does working 80 hours - @jasonfried

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