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Software Development meme

Via Vicente I'm "forced" to do this meme about software development, but in english :P

What was your age when you started programming
13 years old.

How did you started programming
I was born between computers, from an AMSTRAD PC/W (in which my father wrote articles and news for a newspaper) to an AMIGA 500 to PCs (starting with a "fantastic" 386 SX). So when I wanted to "create games" I asked my parents to go to a C development course (I still got the diplomma :).

What was the first language you used
C and bits of Assembler (to optimize for demoscene and graphics stuff).

What was the first real program you coded
I would have to look at my "repository" but probably the first would be a planes "videogame" done with the Borland graphics libraries for C (16 color VGA, LOL).

What was your first professional experience
Working helping with the 3.0 version of a e-learning portal (ASP 3, VB6 and SQL Server 2000), in 2001. It was a "hardcore" beggining but I had help from my colleages and I learned a lot of good n-tier architecture practices. A pity that I was at unviersity so I could only work 3 months there (the summer).

If you knew when you started programming what you now know, would you started doing it anyway
Of course! I love what I do, and I feel lucky to be able to work in what I have passion to do... Even doing consulting services (of which I'm a bit burnout right now) I've learned a lot about customer relationships, having a lot of patience, and being a "swiss knife" in order to survive all sort of problems and situations.

If you had to say just one thing about what you've learned along this years to a newbie developer, what would you say to him
Learn, be honest, and be patient. Everything comes if you keep on trying.

What is the most fun software piece you've ever developed
Probably, the PSOE Windows Live Agent. Although it was a lot of work (with heavy crunch time included), we enjoyed a lot checking the agent's personality, some funny situations and some funny behaviors included in the agent per customer request.

Who are you passing the meme
Nobody, because I easily get tired of memes...

Posted by Kartones on 2008-07-22


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