Offtopic: New toy for my entertainment center

While I wait until I can start the works in my future own house and build the ultimate entertainment center (my future house hall/dining room), more and more stuff keeps coming to improve it (my room is full of PCs, consoles, books and more geek stuff like Lego robots).

I've got a fantastic DDR dance mat, quite good for doing sport while dancing with music (for PC there's even an opensource DDR emulator, Stepmania)
While I'm not good at dancing, having visual guides helps a lot ^^

And now, thanks to my friends Montse, BegoƱa, Tamara and Azuzena, now there's another new toy:
Yeah! I'm not a Rock music fan, but the game is very very funny! I've spent today more than 2 hours getting used to play a "guitar", and I'm addicted :)

The game basics are similar to DDR ones: Follow the on screen music guides and play the chords at the right time. It has some "specials", long notes, combos, and a "life" system (rock meter, if you play bad it gets red until you loose).
Similar concept, different playstyle, same fun!

With my MP3 mixing table, the dance mat and now the guitar, my neighbors are going to hate me even more xD

Posted by Kartones on 2007-06-10


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