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There are new details about Sony PS3, and they're very interesting. Seems that altough the PS3 is more powerful, again Sony may be making some mistakes with it's architecture that could make it not so developer-friendly. Seven of it's 8 cell processors don't share all memory (just 256 KB), so probably developers will have to make some concurrent multi-threaded system to give tasks to them, instead of all having "same privileges and visibility".

It's curious that recently John Carmack gave an interview and he said that they'll support more the XBox 360 because of it's ease to develop for it.

In a market that has become very competitive, with film-like budgets (some of the recent games have multi-million $ budgets), It's becoming a fact that making something faster in time it's as important as making it as "graphically cool" as possible.

PS2 was blamed for it's complex game development cycles, I hope they will provide good SDKs to avoid it this time, as Microsoft seems to have done very well this time and XBox 360 SDK is easy and good. Anyone can get for me a XBox 360 Dev. Kit to try out? :)

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