Lucasfilm sues, why?

Lucasfilm seems to have some monetary problems (either that or they want to "steal reputation"), because the've sued because of the similar name of their (12 year old) game The Dig. It's a trademark dispute, but searching in Google "Digg" gives 198,000,000 results, vs. 76,700,000 of "The Dig".

Some people are talking why then they dont sue Disney for their Pirates of the Caribbean movies then... because they're a copy of their Monkey Island game series...

Well, the answer is quite easy: Because the series creator, Ron Gilbert, said in the past that he took inspiration from a Disneyland ride called... Pirates of the Caribbean (built in 1967 :)

They themselves say that "the name is confusingly similar" (not equal). Why, if one is a videogame and the other a web about bookmarks and news?

Funny, uh? Maybe they should try to make good quality games like in the old times and stop trying those legal tricks...

Posted by Kartones on 2007-02-27


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