Kartones.Net RSS feeds cleanup + small changes

Lately I'm pretty dissapointed with AdSense, not because of the earnings (which are not too high, truth said), but because of the limitations and problems I'm starting to find:

  • AdSense for mobile is like jurassic park: ASP 3 and crappy PHP code, no decent integration, scarce and bad documentation... For now I've decided to not place any Ads on the mobile site because it will take more time than implementing other changes I want to do first. But its dissapointing and lowers the overall quality to see such a degraded and limited mobile support.
  • Ads in RSS feeds have grown quite big, from the typical landscaped banner, to a medium sized almost square one. I haven't checked if I can change it, but I feel it is too big and annoying, so I've removed them. Also, Google's black-box like earnings are not worth annoying people either: 22,677 impressions, 1 click (< 0,5€ earned)
  • AdSense engineers must be a bit lazy, because instead of fixing a bug that has been ongoing for months (incorrect calculations of the "Since Last Payment" earnings), now they have decided to hide the option!

Also, I did a deep sweep of Feedburner stuff and settings to optimize and improve the overall RSS experience:

  • The MyBrand feature of Feedburner is nice. Allows to use your domain name with their RSS proxy, so if you decide someday to stop , using Feedburner, you will not loss your readers.
  • All the "send via email", "subscribe via email" and other similar stuff looks nice, but when I browse google Reader from my PDA it annoys me so much I've dedided to remove that features too from RSS. So now they should be quite clean and probably faster.

Apart from all this not very interesting speech, I just want all of you to please change your RSS feed to http://feeds.kartones.net/Kartones

Really is just a redirection to feedburner ones, but it gives me the safety that if for any reason I stop using Feedburner, you won't need to update your RSS subscriptions ever. But it is not mandatory, feedburner URL will work too.

Oh, and if you use the main site RSS update it to http://feeds.kartones.net/KartonesNet

Posted by Kartones on 2009-08-27


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