Humour: Learning a new technology

The 6 kitten steps of learning a new technology or programming language.

1. You try the new Visual Studio 2008 ide and start compiling your first "Hello world -new-technology-here-" projects.

2. You convince your boss to use it at work, and the world of development looks beautiful,simple and marvelous.

3. First bugs begin to appear and you start doing "pair-programming" (trying to fix problems two at once).

4. You grow tired of bugs and problems of the new technology. You begin wondering why you didn't sticked to the old existing -old-technology-here-.

5. You become red, big and a mixture of Chewbacca and the devil. But you finally dominate the beast/technology.

6. And shortly after, the -new-technology-here- company announces a new version full of changes or even a complete new technology. Back to step 1 ;)

Posted by Kartones on 2008-11-25


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