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Wow, seems the gaming dev. community is quite active. There's lots of interesting things:

  • A german group is making an XNA port of ScummVM! This means that if they succeed all Creator's Club subscribers could play their LucasArts marvelous graphic adventures (I love Monkey Island!)
  • John Carmack gave an interview on GameInformer (you can read a brief at ars Technica). It's interesting that he's admited he was wrong about multi-processor and gaming (he likes a single powerful CPU but now has seen the power of having multiple "lesser" CPUs), that he thinks XBox 360 SDK is the best he's ever seen, and that he doesn't wants to rush to upgrade his developments to DirectX 10 right now.
  • And related to Vista, at Gamasutra we have an interesting opinion of the CEO of Wildtangent about how Vista's Limited User Accounts difficults the game's installation.

About the Wiltangent CEO's article, its funny because I remember an old plugin of Winamp of a female dancer that had a Wildtangent "windows addon" that almost all Adware scanners classify as "Ad-Ware". Also what he sais is that he doesnt like additional security measures, which from my point of view are good.

I've read something about Vista's new gaming related changes and features, and I don't think they're any bad... Limiting user and savegame data to specific folders, or require having less privileges helps developing better products, wherever they are games or windows apps...

In case you're interested, there's some info aboud LUA, Game Explorer and other things, in this presentation from Microsoft GDC 2006.

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